We have a story to tell and so do you. The campfire, the stream while fishing, the dinner table and the water cooler are destinations for storytelling. What about a waiting room, a hospital bed or a clinic exam room? Spaces in between
the events of our lives bring opportunities, to hear

life’s many tales; the words, the sounds, the faces are our stories. Listening to stories help us to make sense of how we fit into this world.

No birth is the same and no death is the same, two bookends of a puzzle with so much in between. We are unique expressions of a powerful miracle called a “human being”. Being human means finding how to fit the cracks, the trophies and the questions into a life worth living.

These pages are filled with real stories of people living and working
to make sense of how it all fits together. Some speak about a person inspiring them to go back to school. One is overwhelmed by her co- workers helping in a time of need when without them she would be lost.

Some of us like to look back while others gaze o to a beautiful future.
We ask you to put your life on pause, if only for a few minutes, and listen as members of our Mercy community find the courage to share moments in their lives. And maybe you can share your story with us so as to help others. Don’t wait for another heart break or rainbow to experience the joy of living your life. Because at the end of the day this is your life and that is the gift.

Healing community is happening. Stories in this little booklet have been told. Risk took place to tell the truth. And we are better. We believe healing community means healing stories.

What’s your story? 

Huancababma, Peru